How to get logs

We are sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with the game. We would like to help you. To do so, we need some info about your system and logs from your game. Below is short tutorial how to collect these data.

1. Machine specification

To get system information you can check by entering Steam and in the left up corner you have tab "Help" in which you need to choose "System information, as on gif below:

2. Game logs

Path%appdata%\..\LocalLow\Empyrean\House Flipper Game\




To get the log file on Windows open the File Explorer and paste the file path into the location bar. Confirm it using the enter button.

You will find the output_log.txt there.

If you don't have these two files (Player.log & Player-prev.log) please ensure that your game is up to date.


Warning: All games based on Unity game engine share the same log file. If you open another Unity game House Flipper's logs will be overwritten!

To get the log file on Mac OS open Finder and from "Go" menu select "Go to Folder".
Paste the path in the following window and click "Go".
You'll find the Player.log there.

3. Please mail us

If you had collected info mentioned previously, please send us your specification and Player.log and Player-prev.log (or Player.log) with short description of your issue to
Thank you!