House Flipper Support

Q: There’s a bug in my game, what now?

A: Let us know about your issue on the "Bugs, Crashes & Other Horror Stories" subforum! Alternatively, you can contact our support crew by email at

Specifically, in order to submit a valid support ticket, you have to send us:
1. Your system information
2. A compressed “House Flipper Game” folder
3. A brief description of your issue (attaching screenshots of the issue will speed up the process)

Q: Steam Workshop is now live, but how do I learn to use it?
A: It depends if you'd like to use Steam Workshop as a regular user or as a creator. Luckily, we've covered both topics in the following instructions:
How to use Steam Workshop[]
Becoming a creator and making your first item.[]

Q: Is there a VR version of the game?
A: The VR version of House Flipper is a standalone project available in 2 versions, one for Oculus Quest and another one (with enhanced graphics) for standard PC VR setups.
You can check out the PC version on Steam here:

Q: I have a beautiful fanart or concept art, where can I send it to?
A: We love the creativity coming from our community! Please send an email with your work to, or check out our discord where you can freely post your fanarts and exchange ideas with other community members!

Q: I’m an influencer, is there any way to get a review key?
A: Yes, please send us an email with a link to your channel and some statistics to

Q: Are you planning to add a multiplayer or a co-op mode?
A: There've been rumors...
We think this idea has its potential and we'll see what can be done to make it happen.